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Home School Classes at HW!

Health and P.E. for Home School Students

HealthWorks! offers Health and P.E. classes for home schooled students in Kindergarten-8th grades. Sessions  are aligned to cover new concepts each week with educational classroom content and physical activities adjusted to appropriately challenge each grade level.

Daily Journal Article: HealthWorks! offers Health and Physical Education for Home School Families!

Who: K-8th grade home-school students

When: Mondays, Twice per month

Time:  10:00 – 11:50 a.m.

Cost: $12 per child per class

For HW! members: $7 per child per class

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Spring 2018 Schedule: 

The Spring 2018 semester kicks off Monday, January 8th! Take a look at the lessons students will be covering!

Monday, January 8:  Beat the Winter Blues!

Cold weather got you down? Missing the smiling sunshine? Us too! But not to fret, winter blues aren’t here to stay—not if we have our say! Beat these blues with some helpful habits.

Monday, January 29: Moods: Where did that come from?

Happy. Sad. Goofy. Hyper. Why do we feel these different things, and how do we learn to deal with them? We’ll learn how to identify moods, causes, and what in the world is happening in our brains to cause these changes!

Monday, February 12: Do I Really Need Soap?

You don’t want to miss this germy gem of a class. We’re going to be playing our way through a whole lot of learning so that we know how to stay clean and keep germs away!

Monday, February 26: How We Get Sick and How to Get Over It

Achoo! Blehh. Ugh. Being sick is the worst! But how do our sniffers get stuffy, and why do our tummies get touchy? Learn about how we get sick and how to beat it!

Monday, March 12: Basic First Aid

Accidents happen, boo boos occur. Should we know how to fix them, treat them, and make them feel a-okay? Absolutely! Let’s learn the facts behind our first aid kits, and the helpful tips on how to heal. Whappy Buck sales this day!

Monday, March 26: Wilderness Safety

The weather is warming up, and we’re all out to play. But so are the bugs. And the harsh sunlight. And the overwhelming heat. Yikes, we better learn how to stay safe in the outdoors!

Monday, April 9: Stretching For Health!

Exercise is pretty famous, but no one ever talks about his side-kick: Stretching! We can’t exercise and get fit without keeping our bodies stretchy and limber. Learn the hows, whys, and whens of stretching!

Monday, April 23: Water Safety

Splish, splash, we’ll be learning so fast! We’re going to dive into the basics of water safety, so be ready to get wet. Since HealthWorks! isn’t filled with water, location is TBD.

Monday, May 7: HomeSchool Hoopla!

Hooray, we made it! It’s the end of another fun school year here at HealthWorks! and we want to celebrate with some review games, projects, crafts, and Whappy fun! Whappy Buck sales this day!

Fall 2018 Schedule

The Fall 2018 semester begins August 13th. Syllabus to come soon!

Monday, August 13

Monday, August 27

Monday, September 10

Monday, September 24

Monday, October 15

Monday, October 29

Monday, November 12

Monday, November 26

Monday, December 10

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What to Expect at Health & P.E. Classes

When students arrive at HealthWorks!, they will check-in with Ms. Kim, the Educator, in the front lobby and get a name tag. Parents may pay for the week’s session at the front desk if needed. The kids will be directed to the Funtastic Floor to play before class gets started!

Shortly after 10:00, Kim will gather the students in Learning Lab 1 for a fun and interactive lesson on that week’s topic! Students are encouraged to participate and be involved in each class.

After the lesson, students head into the Zoom Room for P.E.! Kids will participate in fun physical challenges that relate back to the health lesson they just completed.

Parents are welcomed to stay for Health and P.E., however most parents drop their children off and return at 11:45. Parents will need to sign their child out at the Health Hut on the Funtastic Floor before leaving. Kids and parents may stay and play on the Funtastic Floor when Health and P.E. is over!

Pre- K

Do you have little ones younger than Kindergarten age? Hip Hoppers is a great program for them! Hip Hoppers is a story and activity time for the preschoolers with their grown-up that runs concurrently with the health program.  The Hip Hoppers program does not follow the Home School Syllabus but covers health and developmental lessons and activities for toddlers and preschool children.  For more information click here.

 Continue the Learning at Home

HeatlhWorks! provides parents with materials that support and reinforce the lessons learned in Health and Physical Education.  Suggestions for additional at-home work and activities will be given weekly.


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